Our services

Property brokerage
Professional consultancy for the sale and purchase of property in Marbella

Direct purchase of property in Marbella
We ourselves invest in the acquisition and subsequent promotion of properties

Sale of ready furnished and renovated properties
In order to offer high quality properties and to facilitate your holidays or your move, Brunetti Properties S.L, invests directly in the acquisition of apartments and villas and renovating them using professional companies in order to offer to the final buyer a property which is modern in design and in a strategically desirable location.

Pre and post-sale consultancy
We are able to provide advice directly or via our external partners on all economic, taxation and contractual matters

360° all round service
We collaborate with professionals from every sector to meet all requirements arising following a purchase involving the physical management of the property such as renovation, fitting out and decorating, maintenance and rental of purchased properties

International property investments